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              Enterprise Culture
              Address of the Chairman
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                By carrying our glories and dreams, China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co., Ltd. (Huaxing) has been developing gradually through the past 50 years of marketing and reforms. Today’s Huaxing has become a large comprehensive construction
              company with a general contracting capability of “design + civil works + erection”, owning special-grade qualifications of construction, and focusing on nuclear power, defense works, civil works, and international projects.
                During the period of traversing across the “11th-five-year-plan”, Huaxing has reached various strategic goals and targets, improving continuously and comprehensively. We have initially formed a capability for the industrial chain operation, and have healthily achieved concentric diversifications based on construction. We have smoothly completed an overleap to a modern enterprise system, and have gradually upgraded various levels of fundamental managements. Moreover, Huaxing’s revenue has been increased dramatically, and the employees’ income and living quality have risen obviously. The past five years witness Huaxing’s energetic efforts by overcoming difficulties and facing challenges, seizing different opportunities in its rapid developments, and furthermore casting a solid foundation for an evergreen business and long term and sustainable developments.
                Nowadays, we are striding into the “12th-five-year-plan” period. Our hard-won achievements epitomize the toil and sweat, struggle and dedication of all our Huaxing’s present and former employees, and are further benefited from vigorous supports from the corporate culture. With onerous tasks of the future developments and on the stand at a new starting point of history, we are all the more required to boost our corporate culture steadfastly according to the strategic plans. I sincerely hope that every employee can do everything from details and ordinary works, share resources with others, practice concepts by actions, and govern behaviors by principles, so as to achieve concerted developments and jointly create a brilliant future.
                In our future, there will be opportunities and challenges, hopes and difficulties. I believe that Huaxing’s career is bound to become more brilliant with concerted efforts of all our employees, trusts of various customers and cares and supports of the societies.
                Therefore, I strongly and sincerely urge all our employees to strive hard against the difficulties and challenges, and exert every effort for Huaxing’s ambitious career. Let’s try to reach our great objective to become a modern enterprise of 10 billion RMB Yuan by inheriting the core values of “Safety, Candor and Excellence”, promoting the level of “Four Managements”(Integration, Standardization, informatization and Specialization), optimizing “Three Models” (Profit Model, Control Model and Marketing Model), enhancing “Three Capabilities” (Value-chain Competition, Project Management and International Operation), creating values for the customers and fulfilling our social obligations.
              General Manager
              June, 2011  
              Copyright © 2011

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